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Dengfeng Mold (Hongkong) Co., Limited

Dengfeng Mold (Hongkong) Co., LimitedCompany Profile
Dengfeng Mold (Hongkong) Co., LimitedCompany Profile
Dengfeng Mold (Hongkong) Co., LimitedCompany Profile
North America , South America , Western Europe , Eastern Asia , Southeast Asia , Africa , Oceania , Worldwide
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Manufacturer , Exporter , Trading Company , Seller
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80% - 90%
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Dengfeng Mold(Hongkong) Co., Ltd is located in Sihui, Guangdong. We are dealing with well-known industrial automation products, such as PLC, touch screen, frequency converter, servo, motor. The main brands are Siemens, Alan Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Proface, Fancu, Schneider and so on. “Our business covers Europe/Africa/Asia/America, providing quality service is our order, especially our after-sales service makes customers more confident to cooperate with us and maintain a good relationship.


Dengfeng Mold (Hongkong) Co., Limited




Dengfeng Mold Company Services

Dengfeng mold is a full-service injection mold making company offering you a single source for molded plastic parts and mold making. We partner with you to design a part that maximizes the plastic molding processes and deliver a better quality mold at a lower price. Dengfeng mold is committed to providing the highest level of quality and service for close-tolerance small- to medium-sized custom plastic injection mold making and unstandard components machining assistance. Our service as below:


1. Design and product development assistance

3D CAD model review for ease of molding or reduced tooling costs;
Carbon 3D-Additive Manufacturing;
End-use parts digitally manufactured economically.


Dengfeng Mold (Hongkong) Co., Limited

2. Prototyping

3D printing, SLA molded plastic part replica and more;

Silicone Mold for short production to make Prototype checking;

CNC Milling for metal and palstic part directly, tolerance as engineering specific;

Painting, coating and film print to check surface artwork design.


Dengfeng Mold (Hongkong) Co., Limited

3. Custom mold making

High-quality precision injection molds;
Custom Caps&Closure Molds;
Thin-wall molds;
Insert molding and overmolding solutions.


Dengfeng Mold (Hongkong) Co., Limited

4. Machining

Small production orders by machining;
Unstandard components precision machining;
Assembly and value-added services;

High preicison mirror EDM and wire cut machining.


Dengfeng Mold (Hongkong) Co., Limited


5. Checking Fixture Manufacturing


Automotive checking fixture machining;
Unstandard inspection fixture machining;
Aluminum assembly fixture machining.


Dengfeng Mold (Hongkong) Co., Limited




Design Center:

Mould's design based on tooling engineer from our company and rich experienced with years in the Precision mold making field. We can make moldflow analysis, mold components break down engineering and 3D assemble file with Nx UG, CAD2014 etc.;

Dengfeng Mold (Hongkong) Co., Limited


CNC Machining Center:

We have series of Precision CNC machine center, Max machine table size is 2000*1800mm. 

Dengfeng Mold (Hongkong) Co., Limited


Precision EDM Center:

As we has mirror EDM machine in house, we can support to run high precision mold making. Tolerance of our machine is 0.005mm.

Dengfeng Mold (Hongkong) Co., Limited


Mold Trial Lab:

We has an scientific processing Lab. with 40Ton to 650Ton clamping force in house, also can find good support in tail center who has max 3600Ton clamping force injection machines. we can support client to finished scientific molding and supply "one-stop" service with moldssupply "one-stop" service with molds production.

Dengfeng Mold (Hongkong) Co., Limited


Inspection Center:

DF mold is an expert on measuring method and equipment (Proj/Opto-Comp, CMM, HG…etc.). we are fool Proof design on manufacturing processes & Inspection method. Our engineers are rich Experience in setting up the yield data collection system for the FAI and CPK, maintain the database within scientific measuring requirement, method & equipments. We already build strong working relationships with clients and provide technical support for them as we can.

Dengfeng Mold (Hongkong) Co., Limited